For the Political Organization of the Working Class

This statement by the Maoist Communist Group was published and posted on the walls of the occupied New School cafeteria during the May 2018 worker’s struggle. This piece was written to clarify our positions regarding various false ideas that circulated during the occupation, which were amplified by the publication of a dishonest opinion piece in the New School Free Press. We welcomed response posters by other organizations and individuals. We believe that in order to advance the struggle to victory we must engage in great debates and an open exchange of ideas.

Our view is that only through democratic ideological struggle can we reinforce the camp of the people against the class enemy. This is what communists have meant, beginning with Marx, by the dictatorship of the proletariat, the transitional state between class society and communism, a society without classes or a state. The dictatorship of the proletariat is not a dictatorship over the proletariat and the people, but the widest democracy for the proletariat and the people, and dictatorship over the class enemies who want to restore the old system. And this is precisely how we thought that the cafeteria worker’s struggle should be conducted. For only a vigorous democracy for the popular forces of students, workers, and outside supporters allowed the camp of struggle to dictate the workers’ demands to the enemy, to impose a victorious resolution on the university administration and its allies.

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